Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Little Lemonhead...

That is what I have been calling Warren for the last few days. He has jaundice and his biliruben count was 16.9! He has been in a bilibed (here at home) since yesterday (4/6) afternoon. Thankfully, he doesn't mind much, and he just sleeps. I can only take him out to feed and change him. We had his count checked this afternoon, and should get the results tomorrow.
In the pic below, Warren is lying on the bilibed in the cradle my daddy made for him. You can see the little straight jacket type thing that his arms are in. His whole body is in it, actually, under the blankets.
My mom has gone back to OK and today was my first day alone with Warren. It wasn't bad as far as caring for him, but I was an emotional wreck to say the least. I cried practically all day long. I did better tonight after Roy got home. My sister is coming on Friday, and I am so excited to see her and for her to see Warren - and for her to clean my house! She's a neat-freak and wants to come and take care of me, my baby, and my house. I can't wait!
Because things are crazy, I am just posting pics as I can. Below are a few:
Tonight Warren had his first sponge bath at home. He doesn't like to be messed with, as this picture clearly shows. Of course right after I finished sponging him he peed all over himself , so I had to start over! LOL He cuddled with daddy afterward, which made everything better.
Many people have asked how Cleo has taken to Warren. This was a pic of her the day we brought Warren home from the hospital. She was so excited to see inside the carseat. She is adjusting well, but it has been difficult for her, esp. to see her daddy giving love and attention to someone else. She knows Warren is above her in rank, and she is intimidated by him. I think she's warming up, though. After his bath tonight she smelled and licked his wet hair/head!
I got a surprise when I got home from the hospital - roses and expensive champagne!!!!

This is a cute doggy shirt that my former college roommate gave to Warren. He looks like such a little man!

More posts and pics to come (my mom took over 200 pics while she was here!)


Aunt Carol said...

Happy Birthday, Warren. You're a week old!

Melissa said...

Adorable pics, and what a great coming home gift! :) I hope the bili blanket is short lived, and that his counts come down quickly. I know that can be so scary and frustrating, especially when you can't love on him like you want to. I'll be praying and awaiting the report! :)
I was the same as you the day my mom left after Carson was born. It was so bad, Cary promised then and there that we could move to Colorado as soon as it was possible! I'm glad Kim's coming to love on you guys! Company can help keep the hormones and emotions at bay. :) Let her love all over you and your house! :) Wish I could too!!!!! Miss you!

Harris Family said...

I have been thinking about you guys lots!!! I know how terribly hard it was to say good bye to your mom! I hope you have had a good week. When you sis leaves I will come over and help you with whatever you need help with! I can't wait to see Warren again. I know he has changed a ton since we last saw him!