Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bye, Bye, Bili

Yesterday's bili count was 11.8!!!!! That's down from a 16.9 in just 24hrs. The doctor said to keep him in the bilibed this morning, and then we take him to get another count around 3pm today. If it is below 11, then we can get rid of the bilibed and hold our baby all day again!

He is still not having bowel movements on his own. We are having to give him glycerin suppositories daily to try and get him to go on his own. The first one I tried to give him was terrible - we were both crying (Warren and I, that is)- so I gave up, but the second one I was able to do with Roy holding him and comforting him. A few minutes later, Roy started making noises and talking about how bad Warren's poopy stank, and then he told Warren, "this is love, Buddy" - because he was holding him while he pooped, being enveloped in the smell!
This is a pic taken right after we got home from the hospital. Cleo was still very curious about this Baby Warren guy. (And yes, I have amazing cleavage now!!! I love breastfeeding! LOL)
.... 10:00 p.m. update: Warren's bili count was 8 something!!! Hurray! No more bilibed. Also, he had a bowel movement on his own tonight w/o a suppository! The world is looking brighter! :)

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Melissa said...

Yay for nursing boobs! :) LOL! I'm so glad his bili count is going down so quickly!! Praise the Lord! Love you guys, and I'm cracking up about Roy and baby poop!