Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just Like My Daddy

Can I get any cuter?
The official ruling is in: Warren looks like his daddy! I must admit that it makes me proud for him to look like Roy. I hope his character will be like Roy's, too, then I will have two wonderful guys full of integrity to love.
I have taken some random pics the past few days, and I thought I would post them. Warren makes so many funny faces - just like you-know-who!!!! LOL Enjoy!
Look at those wrinkles in his forehead!!!

I remember when we had our ultrasound that I commented on how big Warren's nose was ... looks like the ultrasound was accurate. I suppose with noses like mine and Roy's, there really is no hope for our little guy. :)

Warren still looks a little yellow from jaundice. The pic below really brings out his "tan," but I think it is so sweet of a pic, I just have to post it. When he's really asleep, he sleeps with his mouth open - again, like his daddy.
Today was Warren's first visit to church. We actually got to Sunday school on time. He was a little crabby in the middle, but daddy held him and he calmed right down. He waited until we got home to eat - 4hrs! My mom bought his little outfit. It is a preemie outfit, but it still fits him well. He was a big hit, and everyone thought he was just a cutie (which of course he IS!)

Thank you, God, for blessing my life with motherhood.


kimnewland said...

Great pics - he is already growing and changing so much. He looks so handsome in his church clothes too! Cannot wait to see you all again. Love ya!

Melissa said...

He is such a cutie, and his nose is just perfect! :) Love his little preemie church outfit. Cute, cute boy!!!! Oh! And way to go making it to SS on time! :)

Amy said...

Deb, he is so cute! What a sweetheart! I am impresssed you guys made it to SS today. I was sad we weren't in class, but at least I will get to meet Warren on Wed. Looking forward to it!

Melissa said...

RYC: Snow days are definitely good for cuddling up, putting soup on and watching a movie! :) The good thing about Colorado is that it doesn't usually stick around long. It's beautiful today, and yesterday too, and should be close to 80 by Thursday! :)

Randy and Amanda said...

Oh Deb, he is so adorable and handsome! I cant wait to hold him again. Hopefully soon :)