Thursday, April 23, 2009

OB Worship Poll

There are some things about pregnancy and labor/delivery that no one ever talks about. Being so open and big-mouthed as I am, I just have to blog about one of these things... No one ever told me that after my baby was born, I would feel like my OB was worthy of my worship, if not a big fat hug and kiss! Perhaps it's because he just delivered the most precious thing Roy and I have ever owned together, or perhaps it's because I have spent the last nine months with him, preparing for the very moment of delivery, or maybe it's because he cared and focused on me when everyone else was focusing on the baby, but the "love" I have felt for my OB during and after delivery is nearly unexplainable. I feel I owe him a life debt. I told him so many times how much I appreciated his care and all he did for me, but I never felt it was enough.

Today I brought him (and his office staff, of course) goodies, and I told him that none of my friends ever told me I would want to bow down and worship him after he delivered my baby. I am sure he thinks I'm crazy, but I know I am not the only one who has felt this way. I spoke to a friend yesterday and she said she feels the same way about her OB. Both of our OBs are men, which makes me wonder if the feeling is the same when the OB is a woman, or is there something about a daddy type of figure that plays into the emotion.

So, leave me a comment and tell me your experience ... and please don't tell me I'm crazy and that you never felt this way!!!!


Melissa said...

I totally agree...although, with Caden and Carter, the on-call doctor delivered them, so I felt more indebted to my mom for getting me through it...Truly, as fast as it went with them, the only thing those doctors did was catch...and even that was a close call. ;) Although, my delivery doc with Caden did come back to my room just to visit with me after everything was said and done, because he thought my delivery was so cool. :)
But with my OB that delivered Carson...I felt like I should have welcomed her into my family as an honorary...something. It is just such an intimate process.

Melissa said...

oh, and my OB with Carson was a woman, so I think it's more the intimacy than the sex of the OB...just a thought.

Laurie said...

The doctor who delivered my first one was my doc's partner (weekend coverage) and even though I was a hospital employee it was the first time I realized that the parter was a class A JERK. I was messing up his Saturday plans and he was an emotional bully for 15 hours. So no, no worship there.

Got my own doc for #2 and it was like day vs. night...he was encouraging and positive and while I wouldn't say there was anything like worship, I was definitely very appreciative. Same doc did the c-section for #3 which is a whole other conversation.

kimnewland said...

As you know, both of my babies were C-section. John wasn't planned so the hours of labor (that did not work out well) were ridiculous and then came the Cesarean and then two years later Sarah came as a scheduled C-section; each time the "love" as you said for my OB was for sure there (of course it helped matters that he was good looking!) Just the care before, during and after my babies were born and the compassion he had for my incessant questions and crazy moods made him an honorary guy in my book. Bringing both of my beautiful babies into this world only made him more amazing in my eyes. So all in all, you are not crazy. :-) Love and miss you!

Randy and Amanda said...

Didnt feel this way when I had Brady but maybe it will be different when I have the next one.