Thursday, December 31, 2009

9 Months Old

Warren is nine months old today! Happy birthday, Bubba!

weight - 20lbs 3oz, 45th %tile
height - 30", 95th %tile
head - 17 1/4", 45th %tile

He is developing on schedule, though daycare might disagree seeing he still refuses to hold his own bottle. LOL He can drink very well from a sippy cup and from a straw, and he is eating all kinds of "real" foods. It's adorable to watch him pick up food between his finger and thumb.

He knows how to "gimme five." He is trying to crawl and pull up, but is not quite there yet. He does not yet have any teeth, and no sign of any coming soon.

He has his first ear infection, and has had it for nearly 3weeks! Ugh. He didn't respond to two of the antibiotics, and he was allergic to another (penicillin), so now he's on a fourth - Bactrim. I am hoping it works and quickly. He is fine during the day, but at night he's waking up and/or moaning and pulling at his ear about every hour or two. Doctor said if the infection doesn't clear up with this medicine, then we will go to a specialist.

He did wonderfully in Okla. during Christmas, and I will post pics soon.


Melissa said...

Yay Warren! :) Boo for ear infections. Miss you guys!

kimnewland said...

ENT's are great with kiddos and ear issues; we've been seeing them since both our kids were little and struggled with ear infections. Let's keep our fingers crossed it clears up soon! Love you!