Friday, November 27, 2009

8 Months Old

Everyday we are amazed at how much more Warren is doing. He is aware of everything and is learning quickly. He will officially be eight months old on Monday, so I thought I would write some milestones and tidbits about what he is doing these days.

1. Warren has started saying "dada." (He started last week while Roy was in New Orleans.)
2. He is purposefully pushing buttons on his toys and making them play music (sometimes he pushes them with his feet!)
3. He can make his walker go forward, instead of just backward.
4. He can move his hand on his mouth and make noise like an Indian. (what is that called, anyway?)
5. He pick up and eat a whole star puff without choking.
6. He can roll a ball, but he likes to put it in front of his foot and just kick it. LOL
7. He is starting to get up on his knees and rock, and he scoots forward and backward and spins around on the floor.
8. He has had three colds since August, but each one he handles better and better.
9. He is infatuated with technology, particularly our cell phones, but he loves our computers, too.
10. He still LOVES to jump!
11. Even though he slobbers all the time, he has no tooth to show for it.
12. He likes to play peek-a-boo.
13. He is ticklish on his shoulders and thighs and back.
14. He gets bashful and will make eyes at his mommy (love that!)
15. He sleeps on his side, his back, and his tummy, and moves all over in his crib at night.
16. He sometimes roars like a lion.
17. He enjoys petting Cleo, and is determined to get her ears.
18. He is mesmerized by the Christmas tree.
19. He laughs when other people sneezes, and when he sneezes!
20. He gives the most fabulous kisses on demand, and sometimes even when we don't ask for them! He still sticks his tongue out on demand, too.
21. He likes to read, but not as much as mommy would like.
22. He plays "pass the pacifier" with mommy.
23. He is still wearing 6-9mths clothing, but the 12mths are not too far out of sight.
24. He cries at strangers (sometimes).
25. He lifts his arms up to be held.
On another was the first day I had to leave Warren to cry himself to sleep in his bed. Normally when he's tired I just lay him in his bed, and he babbles and falls asleep. Today he was fighting it. It didn't matter if I rocked him or held him, he was still fussing hard, so I put him in his bed to work it out. He looked at me like I had abandoned him, and he started crying pitifully. I, of course, started crying too, and Roy laughed at me. Thankfully Warren only cried for a minute or two; he is breaking me in easy.

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kimnewland said...

Amazing how much they change and grow in these first couple years. He is absolutely perfect! (Oh, and good for you letting him get used to self-sleeping; you'll appreciate that more and more as you allow him to learn this new skill - even though it is tough on you hearing him cry - trust me, he is okay) :-)