Friday, October 30, 2009

Random Pics from My Phone

Yes, I have a digital camera, but I find myself more often taking pics using my cell. They are usually horrible, making my nose look of mammoth proportions, but mostly I take them to send to my mom and sister, and they love me no matter what! I decided to post some of these random pics because I don't want to forget the little things. Many are of Warren and me. I never want to forget what a great boy he is, how quickly he is growing, and how amazing each moment is with him. I also don't want to forget how Roy and I feel differently now that we're parents. Roy just mentioned tonight how it's hard to imagine we thought our lives were complete before we had Warren. We just can't imagine ourselves without him. I think it's safe to say we worship him - just don't let Warren know that!
I could do this all day

Getting kisses!

A Sunday morning before church.
Waiting in Dr. Guerra's office.
We seem to have spent lots of time there in the last couple months. Mommy shared her sugar-free chocolate mousse with me!
Tonight we took pics to send to Grammie and Aunt Kim. We really miss them.
Pics from the zoo

My new shirt!
I love taking pics of Warren while he sleeps on me.
Umm, yes - mammoth nose pic! But I love the shadow of Warren's dimple, so it's worth the emabarrassment.
Gramps gave me a swing!
Reading my favorite crunchy book from Aunt Kim.
I can drink from a sippy cup - somewhat.
This was a couple months ago, but I love it - all my babies together.
One of the many silly faces of Warren Van.
I am mesmerized by the camera/phone. I really like to chew on it.

Back on July 22 - so little.


kimnewland said...

He is growing up so big! I had tears in my eyes just looking at the pics and reading your post - miss you so much! Happy 7 month baby Warren :-) XOXOXOXO

Brandon and Kensie said...

GREAT pics! My favorite one is #8...he's got such an expressive face! Isn't it SO fun? Tyler's one year birthday party is today...can't believe it!

CristyG said...

I can't believe our little man is getting so big. He's so handsome. We love you and miss you guys so much.