Sunday, November 22, 2009

Grammie's Here and My First Haircut

My mom came down to stay with Warren and I this week while Roy is in New Orleans presenting a paper at the SBL conference. Of course she gets the best pics, so I have to share.
Playing with Daddy and his hat on Thursday before he left.

Mommy's little stinker!

On Saturday Warren got his first haircut!

He started crying as soon as the clippers turned on, poor baby. He sat perfectly still the whole time, though. At the end, someone felt bad for him and gave him a sucker. It was his first time to have one, and he liked it!
Warren is just loving his time with Grammie!
Grammie bought him many new toys!
I stayed up until 2:30am yesterday to get the Christmas tree up. Mom got some great shots of us in front of the tree.
Warren is mesmerized by the tree. He got a chance to play with it a little during picture taking.
We are really missing Roy. He presents his paper tomorrow and will be home late Tuesday night. It is so nice to have my mom here while he is away. Thanks, Mommy!


Brandon and Kensie said...

How cute are these pics?? LOVE his new haircut! We are SO excited about the holidays...last year, Tyler was so little and this year he's so playful!

kimnewland said...

Love the new hair-do! The pic with you and W in front of the tree is adorable! :-) Miss you guys!