Sunday, November 2, 2008

"The Human Body Is Just Gross!"

That is what Roy told me this afternoon after I showed him the clear liquid leaking out of my nipples! I thought my breasts had gotten a bit bigger again in the last few days, and apparently there is lots of stuff going on inside them that I can't see, because they have been leaking off and on this weekend. Tonight I was sitting watching TV and felt cold/wet on my chest. I looked down and noticed wet on my shirt on both nipples! It may seem gross to Roy, but to me, it's actually kind of cool. I guess because it is another sign that I really am pregnant and things are working like they should be. I have also noticed that I am off balance a little bit this weekend, and my belly is a little bigger. It sure is crazy how changes seem to happen overnight! My OB appointment is Thurs. I can't wait to tell my doctor I'm leaking!!!! Isn't pregnancy synonymous with nuttiness? LOL


J Whitlark said...

Oh, just wait! If Roy thinks that is gross, he has a LOT in store during birth! I actually thought the milk production was pretty cool too. Our bodies truly are amazing! Glad to hear that you are doing well.

Laurie said...

Oh, Roy....better get past the wussy-ness now, bud, there is SO much more in store! ROFL!! Birth, diapers, spitup....a lifetime of bodily fluids lies in store. *snicker*

kimnewland said...

If Roy thinks your body is doing "gross" things - just wait until the baby is here. The mustard seed poop and spoiled milk spit-up will really do him in! It is exciting though - and amazing too how God made everything work just perfectly to take care of our little ones. Love you!