Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cleo Wakes the Baby

I was sitting on the couch earlier reading a magazine, and the baby had not moved since earlier this morning, but Cleo started barking at something and all of a sudden the baby came alive!! After both Cleo and the baby were quiet and still again, I didn't think anything of it until ... yep, Cleo started barking again, and what happened? The baby started moving again! It was really quite cool, and I had to laugh (and blog, of course) about it.

I think it is amazing that the baby can hear what's going on around me and that it is 10" from head to heel already! I still can't figure out how that much baby is inside of my belly. I am showing, but I'm not that big yet.

Incidentally, my pregnant friend at school is still bigger than I am, even though she's not due until after me. Well, I may be jealous now, but when we are nine months along and I still have the smaller tummy, who's going to be jealous then, huh Kelly!!!!! LOL


Melissa said...

You're half way!!! Yay! :) So fun. Isn't it so cool how fully developed they are even now! Can't wait to hear about your ultrasound! :)

thehoddy said...

this story, and your last one written from the baby's point of view... are both hilarious. i laughed. :)

yes, i will be in Ponca for Christmas. at this juncture i think i'll be there from the 20th to about the 28th. are you and roy visiting??

thehoddy said...

we should have lunch on the 22nd or 23rd. i'll be leaving Ponca before your shower to go and visit my roommate. i'm excited to see you. :) give me a call when you get in town. linda has my number.

kimnewland said...

It is really cute and funny now - but just wait until you have the baby asleep after being up for hours and exhausted and Cleo decides to bark - not funny or cute in the least. I canot believe it is already the half-way point. Anxious for Tuesday morning! :-) Love you!

cristy said...

Just wait for the nights when baby gets up under your ribs. There is no feeling quite like that. But don't you just love your body so much more for the beautiful life it is creating for you. I love and respectmyself so much more for having my little girl.