Saturday, October 18, 2008

Baby Names

Roy and I have actually stuck with the baby names we chose a year ago: Alyssa Mercedes and Warren Van (or Vance - used to be my vote until I read its meaning!). We chose them just because we liked them, but it is always neat to know the origin and meanings, so I thought I'd share what I found:

Alyssa: Germanic origin, means "noble kind; of the noble sort"; in the Greek, it means "logical"
Mercedes: Spanish origin, means "mercies"

Warren: German origin, means "guard, protector, loyal"; in English it means "defender"
Van: Dutch, meaning is equivalent to "de" in the French (which usually means "from")
Vance: English, means "dweller of a bog"; in French it means "marshland"

Roy's dad's name was Vance, but his nickname was Van, so that's why Roy wants the name Van; however, I didn't want to have a Van and a Mercedes if we have a boy and a girl, so I thought we should just stick with Vance. However, after reading the above meanings for Vance, perhaps I should let Roy have his way just this once! LOL Most of our friends have the same first letter or sound for their babies' names, I guess we can be different and just have vehicles for our babies' middle names! If for some crazy reason we have two girls, we could name the second Avalon - that's a car! LOL This is so much fun!!!!!!

By the way, I think I felt the baby move on Thursday night. I was lying flat in bed with my arms over my head, and for once I didn't have gas, so the fluttering I felt must have been the baby! Hurray!

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Melissa said...

love the meanings and the names!! :) I second Roy's vote for Van... Aside from the meaning, I think it's more sentimental to use the name he went by than the given name... Just my opinion though. Yay for feeling the baby move!!! That is so exciting!!! :)