Thursday, October 9, 2008

14 weeks Dr. Appt.

I heard my baby's heartbeat again today! I had been looking forward to it for 4wks now, and I was not disappointed. The doctor said the baby has a strong heartbeat, and it was about 160bpm. He said that's normal for right now and will slow as the baby gets bigger. He felt my stomach and said the baby is right where it should be for 14 weeks and that the next time I see him (18weeks), the baby will be just under my belly button. I have only gained 4lbs total, and everything is normal and "average" so far. Story of my life... average.

He told me to think about whether or not I wanted the prescreening blood test next visit. Roy and I haven't decided for sure, but we are thinking not. Doc said out of 1,000 women who take it, 50 will get a positive, and only 1 out of those 50 will actually have a problem, the others are false positives. If my test was positive, then I would have to decide whether or not to have an amniocentesis... To me, it seems unnecessary since even if the baby did have Downs or something else, we wouldn't do anything but keep it and love it, and prenatal care and infant care is the same no matter what, so why put myself through the possibility of worrying over a likely false positive. I am only 31, so I only have a 1 in 900 chance to have a Downs baby, and no one in my family or Roy's has Downs or any other neural defect. They can also see some signs during the ultra sound, which will be at week 20. Would love to hear your thoughts on this...

Oh ya, I did ask about how come my belly seems to grow overnight so I really look pregnant, and then all of a sudden look 3" smaller... he said that is based on my own bowels and systems shrinking and expanding, and it has nothing to do with the size of the uterus. Makes sense to me.

I got my hair cut yesterday. Super cute, I think. I got 2-3" cut off, so it's just at my shoulders right now, and has long layers, but flips out. Ya, I know, it's just a shorter version of what I always have... call me a creature of habit!

Below are a few pics of the wedding jewelry I have made. The bride is looking over them and will let me know which she likes most. Which do you like most?


Melissa said...

1st...I could have written your thoughts on the bloodwork. I feel the same way, and have denied testing each time. I figure I would like to know if we're facing something serious ahead of time, but the ultrasounds are much more definitive for defects and I don't need cause for unnecessary fear.

2nd... your hair sounds super cute, and it's ok to be a creature of habit :)

3rd... LOVE the jewelry!! SO classy and rich looking! Depending on the dress' neckline, I would either choose 1 or 2. They are a little more classic I think. :)

the rushes of OKC said...

I did have the testing done both times. We just wanted to be prepared, then the doctor could help, inform, etc. At delivery you may need special equipment, or people in room to prepare for the situation of the baby. We were the same way though, we would have loved them know matter what. It is really a personal decision though. Can't wait for the 20 week ultrasound!!

I like number one. They are all really pretty though. Take care.