Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Near Summer's End

I haven't posted in a while because, frankly, there has been nothing to post! Since we returned from vacation, we have done just about nothing everyday. I must admit it has been very nice though. The guys have finished the downstairs bathroom remodel, and they will finish the upstairs this week. It is looking great! I can't wait to post pics. We were without our shower for a whole week though, so things were getting a little smelly around here! We took sponge baths and washed our hair in the kitchen sink. This weekend my sister and the kids are coming!!! I am soooooooo excited! I am putting her to work; she is going to help me pick out a shower curtain and rugs to match our "searching blue" Sherwin Williams paint. I think I like this one the best - from Kohls.
Did I tell you my parents gave us a Wii for an early Xmas gift?!!!!!!! It has been a lot of fun. Roy has been playing his beloved Zelda on it while he can - summer school starts for him on the 13th. He knows he won't have time for fun then. Actually, he won't have time for fun until next May! I am praying this semester will be easier than the last. Only seeing your husband at his desk every night with books and a computer takes its toll. This summer has been great to just hang out with each other and be together.

Okay, so you know I am off the pill with hopes of getting pregnant in Aug/Sept, right? Well, I guess I have been really moody w/o those extra hormones - at least that's what Roy tells me. The other day he said I needed to start taking them again!!!! It was quite funny (though I didn't think so in the moment; I was frustrated w/him for about the third time in two days). I started thinking about it, and I am indeed moody. So I have been trying to work on that. I remember almost 12 years ago when I got on the pill that I was really moody for about 2mths. I thought it was becaue I was in college and planning my wedding at the same time, but I think the change in hormones affected it too. I guess now the reverse has the same affect! Poor Roy! Maybe it's good preparation for when I do get pregnant!

I start teaching summer school next week. I am excited to see my students; I really miss them. I spent five hours Monday night making one week's worth of lesson plans, schedules, and assignments, and it really got me excited (you have to be a teacher to understand that one, I guess.) Yesterday I was going to go to school, but we realized we had a flat tire! Roy put on the spare, and we got the tire changed. Thankfully I had purchased the warranty when we bought all the tires, so it cost us nothing, but I made up for that by spending $20 at Target while they were fixing the tire!

Jewelry making is going well still. I have posted several new pieces on the "sets" page, and I now have a "Shades of wood" section on the "earrings" page. When my sister comes, we are going to have a jewelry making frenzy when the kids go to bed! I can't wait!
Thursday we take Cleo to a new dog care place called Dogtopia. It is really awesome ... and clean! Seriously, there was no dog smell at all! We just walked in unannounced and got a tour and loved it. They don't have kennel runs. It is indoor (w/ac) group play with other dogs the same size. The dogs are always supervised - and played with - by the workers. They have toys, slides, beds, and all kinds of stuff for them to play with/on. Also, they have a "dogcam" where we can view Cleo's playroom for any computer! I like that alot. We never like going anywhere over night unless we can take Cleo because we don't like the kennels around here, and neither does Cleo. But this place is great! They evaluate her on Thursday to get to know her (just that alone says something about the quality!), and then we are going to bring her in for a half day a few times to see how she likes it. We will probably do that at least once or twice a month, so when we do need to leave her, she will be used to it.

So that's what's going on in our lives... so interesting! LOL


Melissa said...

Wow! SO impressed with the dogtopia place. So cool! Also, I really like the second necklace. Gorgeous. You are so creative! :) Glad you're looking forward to school! Oh, and the's worse with the pregnancy hormones. They are insane and change suddenly and drastically. Some days are fine and others are like WHAMMO! Seriously! This time has been the worst for me by far, and maybe it's because I'm feeling overwhelmed or whatever, but I really cried ALL DAY on Sunday because I'm stressing about being a good enough mom for 3 so yound. Cary was really sweet about it and surprised me with ice cream. It's been rough though... but then I'll have weeks and weeks that are awesome, so I guess hormones can swing you both ways. I just prefer the up side. ;)

Melissa said...

Thanks so much, Deb! It really does mean the world to me!!

the rushes of OKC said...

Hey there! So excited for you guys!!!(You being off the pill and everything.) I remember how excited I was just doing that part. Can't wait to see the blog that says we're pregnant!! Hormones, they are a funny thing. So impressed with your jewelry making! I'll have to keep you in mind when I need something unique!! Glad we found your blog!