Monday, July 21, 2008


Okay, either Cleo is having withdraws from the caffiene in the few licks of my cinnamon dolce iced latte she had yesterday, or she has ADHD. Seriously, she woke up this morning with so much energy, wanting to chew everything (except her bone, of course). Roy took her for a run to try to get her energy out, but when we came home at noon, she was still hyper, and kept begging to go somewhere. It was crazy! I felt like a mom that just wanted to get rid of her kid - so I took her to Dogtopia, and left her without a bit of guilt. On the way there, she was whining in the car and even rolling over and begging because she wanted something so badly. We are not sure what it was she was wanting, but she got Dogtopia. This picture is what I hope she looks like after I get her home tonight at 7pm - calm and peaceful.


Melissa said...

Did she chill out for you? How funny. I have days like that with my kids. That's when I find an excuse to take them somewhere...anywhere. It's like they require stimulation sometimes and if they don't get enough they act nutso. fun stuff.

kimnewland said...

I imagine they have Ritalin for dogs - maybe you should get some for such a time as this?!?! LOL She sounds like my kiddos - they go crazy at times too! Love you!