Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cleo's Summer Fun

I know, I know, another blog about Cleo. She's part of our family; what can you expect?
Cleo has always LOVED playing in water (not so much the bath water, oddly enough), so we got her a hard plastic pool this year. Last year she had an air up one, but she bit a few holes into it. Anyway, she loves this pool, and begs to swim in it every day. She has learned how to splash - she paddles her front paws and makes big waves, then she tried to eat the waves. It is super cute, and I love watching her. Plus, when she's finished, we put her in a towel and hold her while she sleeps - yes, yes, just like a baby. If fact, I am typing this while she is asleep wrapped in a towel on my lap. This pic was taken about 20mins ago...

While we were in Ponca, we realized Cleo had a thing for remote control vehicles. Well, Target had one in their dollar section for only $2.50, so I couldn't pass it up. We drive this car around and Cleo goes crazy barking, panting, and chasing it nonstop. The crazy thing is, it even moves on its own at times. Yep, we have put the remote down with the intention of not moving the car, so Cleo can calm down and try to "get it," but while she's barking at it, it will back up by itself!!! Weird! It is great fun to watch, though it feels a little bit like we are torturing her. A couple of times she's even been quite the acrobat - when she actually gets ahold of the car and lifts it off the ground, she practically does a back flip to get away from it! I want to video it, but I don't know how to get the file small enough to fit on this blog. Not that techno savvy, I guess. That's why I use blogspot instead of myspace. LOL
While backing up my files, I found this old pic of Cleo. I remember I heard her whining, and when I went in to find her, she was stuck in the basket! She was probably about 12-14wks old here. It was taken when we lived on Craven before we bought this house. Wasn't she adorable? Makes me want another one... oh wait, I am trying to have a BABY instead!
And that's the end of my Cleo blogging... for now.


Melissa said...

You have to dote on something! :) Very fun post, and I forgot what an adorable puppy she was! Love the new look! And I'm glad that your timing is right on track... I know it would have been stressful for your "plan" to get started early. ;) Trust me, I know all about that kind of stress! :)

the rushes of OKC said...

Hey there Gartons,

just found you here on the web and was great to catch up with your lives. Roy is as handsome as ever!!!

Brian Rush