Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tummy Ache

Here is a better pic of my new car. Actually, my mom said it is her future grandbaby's car! It will be nice to have the ability to go home to OK even if Roy can't leave due to school.
I am feeling a bit nauseous right now. Not because I am pregnant or anything, but because Cleo is at the emergency clinic under observation. She started vomiting and got really lifeless this afternoon. She was drooling (which she never does) and would fall asleep just sitting w/her head up. We new something was wrong. Roy had a dog once that died of heart failure after it had been drooling like that, so we didn't want to take any chances. They did an xray and saw what looked like a little rock in her tummy. They said the drooling was from extreme nausea. They gave her a shot to help with that, and wanted to keep her for a few hours to observe her, and then they will do another xray. So even though I didn't panic this time, I am not feeling well at the thought of my baby hurting. I actually asked them to be sure they put a blanket in her kennel while they observe her - she doesn't like sitting on cold metal. I am sure she is okay. Her vitals and all were fine. But $300 later, and we may never know exactly what was wrong. We are waiting for them to call us to come and pick her up. Poor baby.


Melissa said...

oh no! Poor Cleo! Hope she is home with you soon!

Your new car looks so nice! :)

the rushes of OKC said...

Hey there! Sorry to hear Cleo isn't feeling well, hopefully she will get better soon.
Such a blessing on the car deal. I'm sure you will enjoy having another one around. It was good to see Kim's kids, is she pregnant again? I thought you mentioned something about her being sick? Anyways, congrats on the car and the bathroom makeovers.