Saturday, July 28, 2007

Misc. babbling ... again

My mom had knee replacement surgery yesterday. Everything went well, but when I talked to her today, she was in a great deal of pain. I am flying up to help out this week. Leaving Mon. and returning Sat. Roy told me I have to get my nurse face on and toughen up. I get so queasy when others are in pain. When my sister was in therapy after a knee procedure, she was getting this shock therapy done on her knee, and I was the one lying on the floor trying not to pass out!
Today I made a window seat pillow for Cleo! It was so cool. I just measured everything, cut it out, sewed it together, stuffed it, and it looks pretty darn good, I must admit. I really enjoy sewing. I wish I had more time to do it. I really need to be a stay at home wife! Oh, ya, Roy laughed at me today because when I was cooking dinner, I had Cleo in a chair up at the counter "helping" me. She likes it, after all, so why not? Yes, further proof that I need a kid!
An update on our pumpkin growing around the rosebush -- it's not pumpkin after all; it's cantaloupe! We have eaten two now, and another is growing. So juicy and sweet! It is really cool. I think I will save some seed to plant for next year, only not by the rose bush.
Still making earrings, and lots of them. I made some adorable black disc type dangling ones last night. It took way too long, but they are oh so cute.
I was able to order my own personal laptop with a super cute girlie carry bag yesterday. I have another editing job, so I am using the money to buy a laptop. I am really excited about it. It will be here when I get back from Ponca.
By the way, for all those pet owners who read this (Hmm, seeing that only my mom, grandma, sister, and friend Melissa actually read my blog, I guess I should address this to Melissa, since none of the others have pets. Unless Kim wants to count Steve, my brother-in-law), we just discovered You can order Heartgard and Frontline/Advantix and other stuff at discounted prices, and shipping can be free too! I am all for ordering online and having it delivered to my door!
Okay, I guess that's it for me. I think I will go upstairs and try to hang some pictures and wall boxes in my room...
Oh, one more thing... I just discovered Yahoo avatars. It's where you can create yourself in a little icon character. You get to pick your face, hair, clothing, jewelry, pets, etc. Too fun.


Melissa said...

Hope you're doing well, nurse deb... :)

It's very exciting that you got your own computer! :) How awesome - and a good use of the extra money. I think pink is becoming more your color than mine! :)

Melissa said...

Hey there! Hope you are well! Are you home yet? How is your mom healing up? I've been told recovery can be really tough. Are you back in the classroom yet? I can't believe summer is already almost over. The kids here start next seems like we always started so much closer to September when I was in school...