Monday, July 16, 2007

Signs of Boredom

I suppose these pics are truly signs of boredom for me. I haven't been doing much around here, though I feel like I've been busy (how does that work?). I have been making earrings, buying a few things for the house, watching Man vs Wild, cleaning, and, oh yes... painting the trim in the kitchen!!!! (Miracles do still happen!!!!!) I just have to paint the section behind the fridge and stove, and I'm done. Well, except for the cabinets, but I can't start on those yet. We need to pick out knobs and hinges and a light fixture. ... so maybe I'm not quite done... LOL
I found out that I will have another editing job! The president of LMI asked me to edit his next book this fall. I am excited to keep that part of my career going.

In two weeks I am going back to Ponca City to help my mom recover from knee replacement surgery. Then school starts Aug. 8th. Where has all the summer gone? I am looking forward to school though. I will be teaching the same subjects (Rdg, Eng, SS), but I will have five classes. The school added a second fifth grade class this fall. We are really growing.
Obviously I have NOTHING to talk about, so no reason to keep blabbing... Here are the pics:
Pouting Cleo
Cleo didn't seem to feel good last night. Normally she sits on our lap and sleeps, but last night, she climbed into her pillow, curled up, and slept. I thought she looked adorable (I need a real baby, I know.)

Hobby Lobby has become my new friend. I found this charger, these candles, and the stones ... all under $15!

I made my first two throw pillows! It was so easy. I just used the material left over from the sheet-curtains!
I have been making many pairs of earrings. I don't know, maybe I will start selling them. It's a fun hobby.

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Melissa said...

Sounds like you've been 'fun' busy. :) Cleo is cute, but yes, you do need a 'real' baby. :) Love the earrings. You really should sell them. If nothing else, it could fund the hobby. :)