Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pamper Me

Last night, my friend Staci and I were pampered for just over an hour getting our thirtieth birthday presents to ourselves - spa pedicures! It was wonderful. My legs and feet tingled for about an hour afterward.

I am trying to make a pair or two of earrings every day. Here are a couple new ones. It's so fun to be creative! Trouble is, I want to keep almost every pair I make! Roy tells me I need to make two pairs of each kind, that way I'll have one for myself. Aren't guys smart?
I normally use the fish hook style, but I found some cute posts with flowers to try for this pair.

I think today must be the start of the Heart of Texas Balloon Glow, if not, the aliens have invaded using hot air balloons! (I know, bad humor, gotta get back to teaching.) So far this morning, I've seen about fifteen balloons fly over our house. They were so close, I could hear the firing of the hot air!

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Melissa said...

Very fun! I wish I could have gotten some pampering with you girls! :) Love the really should start making duplicates so you can sell them. If you didn't want to do ebay, you could probably talk to one of the vendors at spice about them selling them for you... I know some of them do that.

Oh how I miss SPICE! :) There is no place quite like it. :)