Sunday, August 12, 2007

Update on Life

My trip home to Ponca City was so great! My mom's knee surgery went very well, and she is recovering faster than expected. It's amazing, really. I am blown away by her determination and will power. No one can ever say she's a wimp, that's for sure. I started work again last week. Inservice so far, but it has been stressful, to say the least. The school is just growing so quickly that we cannot keep up with it. I have also started editing my fourth book, and I am enjoying my new laptop that was purchased with the money I am making from editing. I got this fabulous new bag/carrying case too. It is very classy! This weekend we have been enjoying the company of an old highschool/college friend from Oklahoma. Yesterday we toured a local winery, which was really exciting. We even did a wine tasting and bought a bottle of white wine. The owners are from Sweden and have a fabulous accent! Last night we watched both of the Bourne movies, and today we went to the theater and watched the third one. I must say, Matt Damon is quite the sexy actor! Mmmhmm. :) We are still waiting to hear from our insurance company as to how much they will give us to repair our roof. Also, we had an incident with a file cabinet we purchased at Oakwood Express. Supposedly they only sell solid real wood, but somehow we ended up with particle board that has a laminate of rosewood, or something like that. Anyway, Roy's talked to the manager about it all, and he said he can't do much for us, so we will have to contact the corporate office. It's really frustrating because we bought a lot of furniture from them last year with the understanding that it's all solid wood ... surprise, surprise. So other than the Texas heat, the furniture store, and the insurance company, and stress at work, life is good. I have to go now ... Cleo just pooted on my lap and it is about to choke me!!!!!!!

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Melissa said...

Sorry things are stressful right now, and how dumb about the furniture! I would be beyond frustrated, and I'm pretty sure whoever I talked with would get a piece of my mind, and then Cary would have to smooth things over... :) Wasn't Bourne SO good! :) Glad to know your mom is healing nicely! Knee surgery can be so awful to recover from. Hope your school year starts well! All of the kids around here start today...seems so early this year.