Saturday, July 10, 2010

Family and the Zoo

For the July 4th holiday, my sister, bro-in-law, and niece and nephew came and stayed with us. Somehow I didn't get very many pics, and none with my sister (ugh), but here are a few to share the memory:
John enjoyed "fighting" with Roy... umm, I think Uncle Roy won this round!

Warren really enjoyed playing with his cousins. Sarah thinks Warren is hers. She loves to help with him, play with him, and just pretty much be right next to him at all times. Mostly Warren enjoys this, but he did give her the occasional furrowed brow look he gives, which being interpreted means, "Give me some space, Woman!"
One of Warren's favorite times was when Sarah pulled him in the wagon that Papa made for his blocks. He would just grin from ear to ear. It was so cute.
This was my favorite time with Warren and Sarah together... reading! Actually, my niece was reading to him, and he was loving it.
I will leave out the part of our weekend where Kim and I took the kids to the outlet mall and Sarah had a giant fit and then Warren had a fit... needless to say that trip was exhausting, but it was fun to be in good company. On Sunday we did some shopping and watched the fireworks. Oh, and yes, on Sunday while we were all eating at Pei Wei, Warren pooped out of his diaper and it got all over Roy's hand and pants. Sarah started to move in close and Roy said in the most dramatic voice, "Stop! Sarah, don't move!" It was so funny. He acted like it was a bomb she was about to set off or something. I had to hold Warren in a Superman position and "fly" him between the isle to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Teething diarrhea - fun, fun.
Today Warren and I went to the zoo again. This time we were only there about an hour or so because it was SO FREAKIN' HOT. Seriously, one should not be dripping sweat at 10am!!! This was the first time we've gone to the zoo since Warren's been walking, and it was nice to be able to let him out of his stroller to run around.
He really liked the waterfall
And the komodo dragon statue... he kept pulling its tail
He also liked the tepee and didn't want to leave
So I got in it with him!
I guess the heat zapped Warren, too, because before we every even backed out of our parking space, this is what happened:
Nothing like a sweet sleeping baby.

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kimnewland said...

We had a blast at your place! Enjoyed every moment (especially the kids having fits together) LOL nothing like motherly/sisterly times shared to bring you closer!