Wednesday, June 30, 2010

15mths Old

The summer is flying by, and Warren seems to be growing quicker every day. Here's what he's up to these days:

1) Weighs about 23.5lbs
2) Walks all over the place, then walks some more (who needs toys when you can walk?)
3) Says so many words I've decided to stop trying to keep track
4) Makes sounds for some animals - cow, dog, chicken, cat
5) Still loves VH1 music videos - right now he really likes "Can't Be Tamed" by Miley Cyrus and "Nobody Loves Me Like You Do" by Angel Taylor. Otherwise he is disinterested in TV (except when the Two and a Half Men theme song comes on; he loves that!)
6) Obsessed with the book The Diggingest Dog and insists it be read to him before he sleeps
7) Has nine teeth, but the tenth is about to pop through any day
8) Likes to stick his face in his bath water and has figured out how to lay on his belly in the tub
9) Loves to be chased
10) Pulls up our shirts at the most inopportune times just to see our belly buttons
11) Has discovered his manly parts! LOL
12) Favorite fruit is blueberries and strawberries
13) Favorite snack is still yogurt covered raisins, but his Goldfish pretzel crackers are running a close second.
14) Points and says, "What's that?" ALL THE TIME!!!!!!
15) Gets either super silly or exceedingly evil when he is tired
16) Enjoys "helping" with anything, esp. loading the dishwasher and cooking
17) Plays well with Cleo and chases her around trying to get her tail
18) Keeps his plate on his tray and doesn't throw it on the floor; he hands it to us when he is all done... his cup, on the other hand, is still a work in progress
19) Continues to get into Cleo's food and water bowls - yesterday he stuck his foot, shoe and all, in her water bowl.
20) Is wearing 18mths in most clothes, and a 4 in shoes
21) Obsessed with seeing the neighbor dog, Shadow - we are trying to teach Warren that Cleo is a dog, too, but seeing that even Cleo doesn't know that, it's been rather difficult.
22) Mr. Independent, all the way
23) Has had so many haircuts, I've lost track. I think five. He doesn't even cry.
24) Likes arcade car games and kiddie ride machines
25) Is learning how to play with Playdough

Warren, everyday that I am with you, my heart melts and explodes all at the same time. Daddy and I are so proud of you, and we are working hard to help you make the right choices even now (like sharing - you don't really like that idea much).

You have been walking for about 10 days now, and you are so steady and confident it's as if you've been walking your whole life. It makes me a little sad, but overwhelmingly proud at the same time. You have a fabulous sense of humor and you seem to do things on purpose just so we'll laugh at you. It's easy to wake with a smile at 5:45am when I know I'll get to see your face and hold you close.

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kimnewland said...

Loved seeing all of these esciting changes and knowing that you guys are doing an exceptional job and that Warren is growing up to be awesome :-) we love you!