Friday, July 23, 2010

Vacation in July

Last Saturday, July 17, Warren took his first plane ride! Here he is while we were waiting at the gate. He was looking at the airplanes and luggage vehicles driving around.

Warren grinned as soon as we got on the plane and it started moving. When it started to take off he looked out the window, grinned really big, and fell off to sleep. He slept the whole trip (55mins)!
We went to Tulsa to spend some time with family. I didn't bring my camera because I had this grand idea that I would just take pics using my cell phone... sadly most of them were too dark, so I have very few to post.
On Sunday we spent the day in Tulsa with Grammie, Papa and Sarah. Warren was getting fussy on the way home, so Sarah decided to entertain him by putting her brand new princess panties on his head!!!!

Sarah and Warren shared a frapp. She was the only one that could get Warren to say "please."

We stayed with my parents' through Monday. Warren adores his Papa and gives him lots of attention. He is not a Grammie's boy yet... but he did give her a couple long hugs. He also got to see Roy's mom (Nina) and his youngest brother, Gregg.
Tuesday - Wednesday we went back to Bartlesville to stay with my sister. Warren had a blast playing with his cousins. Here he is playing with cousin Sarah's kitchen.

Warren loved seeing John and Sarah's gerbils. He would say, "bils, bils" when he wanted to see them. We did some shopping, playing, eating, and a tiny bit of sleeping while there. Great time with all the family before school starts.
Thursday morning we left the airport in Tulsa at 7:45am. We barely made it to our gate on time because we were busy enjoying a Starbucks blueberry muffin!

After Roy picked us up at the airport, we headed over to Arlington to the Parks Mall. They have a big play area that Warren loved.
After some time at the mall, we ate lunch at the Salt Grass Steakhouse and then headed back home to Waco. No matter how fun vacation is, it's always great to be home.
Here are some random pics of Warren taken in July:

This is Warren and his friend Jack. They had a playdate and painted... which was very messy; Jack didn't want to put his paintbrush down, so he carried it around. So cute. Warren is staring at the dog outside. Jack's mommy, Suzanne, told me all about how she uses timeout, which helped me figure out how to implement it with Warren. He gets it, but sometimes seems to like it. Thanks for the advice, Suzanne!

First taste of cotton candy!
Playing at the mall in a quarter machine spaceship!
Our summer has gone by way too fast. Next week is our last week to be together all day. I am always excited to go back to school, but I am dreading leaving my Mr. Warren.

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kimnewland said...

We enjoyed having you here and you are all welcome at anytime! So glad you enjoyed your summer vacation - it is almost over :(