Friday, June 18, 2010

Bye-bye Paci

Today Warren had to get his MMR and chicken pox vaccines - one in each leg. Later when we got home, he noticed the bandaid on his leg and just kept looking at it. He would go and sit in the corner, pull up his pant leg, and "talk" about his bandaid. Then he would go to his chair, and do the same thing all over again. It was so funny, but just showed how much he is growing and maturing.

This afternoon we filled up the pool and played in the water. Warren loves the garden hose, and he kept drinking water out of it - so much so we turned off the water for fear that he would drown himself! LOL He thought daddy needed to play with it, too.
Of course no day in the pool is complete without a freeze pop. You can't really see it, but the green juice had stained lips and around his mouth.
Warren started walking on his own while we were in Ponca the first of this month, but the past couple days, he has been walking all over the place. We caught it on video today.

For the past week we've only let Warren have his paci at bedtime, but tonight we had him throw them all away in the trashcan (he LOVES throwing things away). Then we had him carry the trash bag to the trash barrel outside and say bye-bye to his pacis. When it was time for bed he cried a little, but not too much considering what he had just given up. I'm hoping for a smooth night.

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kimnewland said...

I LOVE his new haircut - he looks so grown-up! Anxious to see him walking all over the place and to visit ya'll again :-) love you!