Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oklahoma Visit

June 2nd, we left for our summer family visitation in Oklahoma. This time we left after I got off work, drove to Ardmore (3hrs), and stayed in a hotel. It was nice not to have to drive the full 8hrs at one time. We stayed at the LaQuinta Inn and Suites (highly recommended, esp. if you have pets). We were just leaving the hotel in this pic.
Warren just has to help us with everything now - even luggage.
While we were in the hotel, Warren occupied himself with the ice bucket and toilet paper. Don't worry, we cleaned it all up before we left.
Thursday we drove about 3hrs and arrived in Tulsa to see Grandma Brown, Janice, and the kids, and Cristy and Kheara. Somehow I only got a pic of Gma Brown. We had so much fun with them. Warren even got to swim twice!
After a couple days in Tulsa, we headed to Ponca City to see the rest of our family. Unfortunately, Warren was a bit moody from not feeling well (he cut another tooth!). Here are a couple pics of his "drama."
Bathtime is always fun, no matter what kind of mood he's in.
Warren started walking by himself while we were there! Here he is walking to his Papa, whom he adores. One of Warren's favorite times during our trip was when he got to ride in Papa's wagon with his cousins, John and Sarah.
Warren got to help his grammie make spaghetti sauce!
While he was a little shy off and on, it didn't take Warren long to adjust to all the family members this time around.
Here he is with his Aunt Kim.
With his Aunt Sumer.
With his "Nina" (Roy's mom).
With his Uncle Gregg.
I can't believe this is my little baby! He's doing so much more now and saying so many words I have decided it's impossible to keep track of them all!


kimnewland said...

We were so glad to see you all and Warren was a good boy! Not too fussy considering he was having a major molar break through :-0 Love you all.

brushin25 said...

Glad you guys had a great trip. Warren is getting so big, wow, so cute!