Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Abominable Snowoman - 32 Weeks

This is the name I gave myself today. My belly grew overnight, and in this white shirt, I look huge, so I tried to just make a joke of it. My students got a kick out of it! The top of my uterus has been sore all day, and that's always been my indicator of growth.
Can you believe I am already at 32 weeks? After school yesterday I had an hour long massage, which was very relaxing, and I think it may have helped my aching hip some. Today after school I got my hair cut into a bob. Roy says it looks "fresh," and I think it makes me look/feel younger. It was a good end to a day of feeling like an abominable snowoman or the Michelin tire guy.
Target had a big sale on baby stuff last week, so I got this Baby Einstein playmat for Warren - it was 1/2 half! It was on my registry, but I felt like I would be ripping people off if they had to pay full price for it when I could get it for half off. It came in and Cleo just loved it! I had to keep telling her it was Baby Warren's, so she would not bite all the toys and chew them up. I am having issues with clothes right now due to my growing belly. I have winter clothes, but none of my spring/summer clothes fit anymore. Thankfully, I have a great friend who was due in November, so she had some bigger maternity clothes for warm weather. She brought them to me this week, and they all fit!!! I told her if I were a guy I would marry her; that's how great I felt after trying them on. Incidently, the white shirt I have on today came from her, and even though it makes me look huge, I love it. It is super cute. And hey, my belly is huge, but so are my boobs, and those are some things I've never had!!!!


Melissa said...

You look great!! So glad you got a massage! Pregnancy massages are the best! :)

The Pereira Family said...

These next 8 weeks are going to fly. You'll be holding him before you know it!