Thursday, February 12, 2009

32 Weeks Dr. Appt.

I LOST 1lb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurray!!!!!!!!!!! I was so worried that I was going to have gained another 4lbs in these last two weeks, but I lost one! Super happy about that! I measured at 31 centimeters, and Warren's head is down now. His heartbeat is still strong.

At my next appt. (in two weeks), I will have the group B streptococcus screening. While I know the worst is yet to come, I am a bit anxious about this test, because it will be the first time my OB has seen my cha-chee while I'm pregnant. It is all so swollen and huge down there, that it is very hard to know if it's completely clean since I can't even see it without a mirror. I'm being too paranoid, I know; the doc sees women all the time with the same issue, so it would be no big deal to him, but I keep thinking about a story an old friend told me: Do you remember green stamps? You know, the stamps you got at a store after making a purchase, and you put the green stamps in a booklet and turn them in to get an item for free? Well, a former coworker told me this story about a lady who had gone for her yearly exam, and while her doctor was doing the exam, he said, "Oh, how nice, you didn't have to give me one of these," and he held up a green stamp! Apparantly she had sat on it while getting dressed, and it got stuck on her cha-chee without her knowing it!!!!! My goal for the group b test is to have no surprises waiting down there for my OB! LOL


Melissa said...

Debbie! YOU ARE HILARIOUS! I'm not even sure I thought about the fact that there would be a difference. Don't get me's never comfortable, but I figure they've seen it all before. You funny girl! I'm sure your "cha-chee" is perfectly clean, especially since you're concerned about it. Besides...I'm sure that stamp was quite a treat! LOL!!

kimnewland said...

The Dr. looks at so many everyday he doesn't even think twice I'm sure - especially the clean ones (and I'm sure he has seen dirty ones too) yuck! So don't worry, you'll just be one of many he will see in a day. Love you! Only 50 days to go :-)

The Pereira Family said...

Oh my gosh! The apostrophe was just like your teacher pen!