Thursday, November 27, 2008


Grandma is here and we went shopping for Warren ... that's all I need to say. The pictures speak for themselves; needless to say, I was exhausted at the end of the day, but what fun it was!
I bought the set below just from mommy and daddy.

This is Warren's going home outfit. I just LOVE the puppies! Look at those tiny shoe socks!
This is the crib - covered with only half of what Grandma bought!
This is the dresser/changing table - with the other half of what Grandma and a couple other people have bought.
It's amazing that Warren is only 5mths in utero and yet he has all of these cute clothes! Grandmas are so awesome!

Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's a ...

(see the wanger pointing? It is marked by two white plus signs in the middle of the pic)

My ultrasound went great today! We were actually able to get it on DVD, which was awesome! The doctor said everything looks perfectly normal. Warren's heartbeat was 156bpm. The ultrasound tech pointed out the four chambers of the heart, the kidneys, and so on. Warren was very wiggley (perhaps due to the Dr. Pepper I drank before my visit!), and he kept moving his arms like he was boxing the air. He was probably wishing he was boxing the ultrasound tech cause he was waking him up! It was just awesome to watch and know that the baby is actually inside ME!!! At one point he even opened his mouth like he was chewing something. I love the profile pic and his sweet face. I turned to Roy during the ultrasound and told him, "Look at that big nose; he gets that from YOU, not me." LOL

This is my 21.5 weeks belly shot. I looked back at my pics from 5weeks to now, and there is a definite difference, to say the least. My belly is getting bigger every day, and I must admit that I am starting to feel fat, but it is all for a good cause, so I try to tell myself it's okay. When I am in public, people look at me then look down at my belly... ugh.

My parents came into town today. My mom was able to see my ultrasound, too, which was cool because not only was it her grandbaby, but she had never seen an ultrasound before. The above pic was me walking in on my surprise - a cradle handmade by my daddy! It is beautiful, and I was totally surprised! The cool thing is daddy signed it on the bottom, so the baby will always know who made it.

Cleo got a present, too. It's a ball with a weasel attached that moves all over the place by itself and vibrates. She loved it! Warren may be getting lots of attention right now, but Cleo still knows she's the baby!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cleo Wakes the Baby

I was sitting on the couch earlier reading a magazine, and the baby had not moved since earlier this morning, but Cleo started barking at something and all of a sudden the baby came alive!! After both Cleo and the baby were quiet and still again, I didn't think anything of it until ... yep, Cleo started barking again, and what happened? The baby started moving again! It was really quite cool, and I had to laugh (and blog, of course) about it.

I think it is amazing that the baby can hear what's going on around me and that it is 10" from head to heel already! I still can't figure out how that much baby is inside of my belly. I am showing, but I'm not that big yet.

Incidentally, my pregnant friend at school is still bigger than I am, even though she's not due until after me. Well, I may be jealous now, but when we are nine months along and I still have the smaller tummy, who's going to be jealous then, huh Kelly!!!!! LOL

Friday, November 14, 2008

From Baby Garton

This week I beat up my mommy! That's right folks; I showed her who was boss - me! It all started when mommy went to bed and started poking on her belly, trying to get me to move. I didn't want to disappoint her, so I moved a little bit to make her happy. Well, that was the wrong thing to do because it just got her more excited, and she started poking and pushing me until I just couldn't take it anymore. I starting kicking her with all my might for about five whole seconds, and what does she do? She starts laughing at me!!! So I kicked her some more, but she just kept laughing! Then she told daddy on me! I was so mad I decided to get her back, so I moved to the back of her tummy where she couldn't reach me anymore. Ha! That worked! She stopped poking me and just went to sleep. I told myself that when I am born, I will really get her back by giving her the messiest diaper she's ever seen!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

18 Weeks Appointment

I got to hear the baby's heartbeat again today. I just love going to my appointments! I have only gained 7lbs total, and the top of my uterus is now at my belly button. My doctor said everything looks perfect. He recommends I get a flu shot at my next visit, so I guess I will do what he says. We opted out of the alpha protein blood test, and feel very comfortable about our decision. I have only two weeks and two days until my ultrasound!

I said in my last post that I thought I was going to have a growth spurt soon, and boy did I! I am now about as big as I looked in those pajamas in my last post (remember I said that the pic made me look bigger than I was? That was even confirmed by a friend, so I guess it wasn't just me.) My breasts are so big that I just keep bumping into them all the time! How do people actually live with these things all the time? LOL

Sunday, November 2, 2008

"The Human Body Is Just Gross!"

That is what Roy told me this afternoon after I showed him the clear liquid leaking out of my nipples! I thought my breasts had gotten a bit bigger again in the last few days, and apparently there is lots of stuff going on inside them that I can't see, because they have been leaking off and on this weekend. Tonight I was sitting watching TV and felt cold/wet on my chest. I looked down and noticed wet on my shirt on both nipples! It may seem gross to Roy, but to me, it's actually kind of cool. I guess because it is another sign that I really am pregnant and things are working like they should be. I have also noticed that I am off balance a little bit this weekend, and my belly is a little bigger. It sure is crazy how changes seem to happen overnight! My OB appointment is Thurs. I can't wait to tell my doctor I'm leaking!!!! Isn't pregnancy synonymous with nuttiness? LOL