Saturday, March 29, 2008

Update on Cleo

Cleo had her follow up X-rays yesterday, and the vet said her fracture is half the size, and there is no more inflammation in her back!!! Hurray!!!! She had gained a pound since the last visit, but that's probably due to the steroids and the lack of activity while she recovered. Now we are really working on not letting her jump on and off the couch... She's very stubborn - like her daddy, of course!

One other thing, I got a Betta fish!!! It has been almost two years since I have had one, and I decided it was time. No feeding it people food like I did the other one - which died, incidentally, of a disease that I had caused! This one is a beautiful blue color. Cleo thinks it's the coolest thing, and just wants to get ahold of it!


Melissa said...

Thanks for your sweet comment, Deb! You absolutely do need a child! :) You cracked me up when you fed your fish people food...too bad it lead to it's demise.... :) Glad Cleo's doing better! That's great news!! Hope you can deter (I know that's not spelled right...oh well) her jumping!

Melissa said...

Aaww, thanks! :) Children's Place is the most wonderful place for kids clothes ever, and they regularly put their stuff WAY on sale. Yay for that!

You guys are getting pretty close to trying now, huh???! :) You'll have beautiful babies, and I'm sure they'll be adorable, boy or girl! :)

Melissa said...

YOU'RE COMING TO SEE ME!!! I just heard the news. I'm SO excited!! :)