Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cleo and Jewelry

Cleo had a bad spasm or something in her right leg/hip last night. She cried for a long time and didn't want to move much afterward for a while. She was shivering really hard, too, from the pain, I guess. Anyway, she seemed to get a little better (she was walking w/o crying), so instead of taking her to the animal emergency clinic last night, we waited and took her to the vet today. Vet did an x-ray and saw inflammation in her back (which we knew about because she went in last Fri. and got meds for it), but then he also saw a fracture at the top of her femur on the ball. Weird thing is, it's on the left leg, not the right one that she's been favoring. He said it's possible that the disc is causing a nerve in her right leg to hurt only at certain times when she turns a certain way, but he said with medicine the back stuff will probably be okay, though we have to be very careful and retrain her to not jump up and down on the couch and all. Anyway, he was really concerned about the femur thing, and said he wants to see her again in two weeks to do another x-ray. If it hasn't started to heal up on it's own (with the 4 meds she is on), then we will look at our options - one being surgery.... Kids can't be any more expensive than our Cleo!!!! Actually, it was only $100 today for the visit, exam, x-ray, and meds, so that wasn't bad at all. Roy said she is really prepping us for kids...

I am leaving on Sat. to go see my family in OK. I will get back on Wed. and then I get to see my old college roommate for a few hours before Roy comes to get me. After that, I still have Thurs.-Sun. of my spring break to enjoy! I can't believe the school year has gone by so quickly... only two and half months of birth control to go!

I am officially a jewelry business! I have my own business cards, website, and state sales tax ID! I have sold a bracelet/earring set, two necklaces, and a necklace/bracelet/earring set! Yippee! I have updated my website with a few new items. Go see! Below are a few new ones.


Melissa said...

Yay for an update!!

Love the new jewelry! It's really gorgeous! Hope Cleo is better soon, poor thing! How crazy that she would have hurt herself so badly! Have so much time during your spring break!! Oh, and 2.5 months is nothing! You'll be hanging out in my territory in no time flat! :)

Anonymous said...

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