Monday, April 14, 2008

Colorado or Bust!!!

Yea! We are going to CO in June to see our long lost friends, Cary and Melissa!!!!! I can't wait! Maybe I will get pregnant while I'm there!!!!!! Okay, that really wouldn't be the best timing, but it would be a memorable souvenir! We are going to make it a split trip between Ponca and CO. We are also taking Cleo, and I am trusting Roy that we are not crazy for doing so. Things are going fine here. I am in the last few weeks of school and already planning for next year. Roy only has 3 weeks left! Hurray! I will be glad to have my husband back. My mom is coming down this weekend to shop till we drop for our birthdays. I just turned 31 on the 11th, and now I feel way beyond old. One of my sixth graders told her classmate, "You know, 31 is not the new 20; it's just 31!" Nice.

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Melissa said...

Your sixth graders crack me up! :) I'm SO excited that you are coming!!! Can't wait! :)