Wednesday, March 16, 2011

37.5 Weeks

I am back to work after a week of spring break, and I must say I feel better being on my feet most of the day than I did at home scrunching my belly while sitting on the floor and playing with Warren or holding him. I also don't each or drink as much while at work, so my tummy isn't as full and feels smaller. My next ob/gyn appt is Friday... we'll see if I've made any progress.

Roy and I have been enjoying some great times with Warren. He is exploring everything from fountains to construction machines to trains. We took him to Lion's Park last weekend since it was open for spring break... he loves that place, esp. the train and boats.
I love, love, love seeing Roy and Warren together! Warren practically worships Roy... and I'm not too sure those feelings don't go two ways. Roy is a wonderful daddy, and I just smile inside when I see them together.
Roy did lots of yard work during spring break, so now Warren has his sand/dirt box to play in. He loves dumping things, esp. dirt!
We had an ENT check up for Warren today, and the doctor removed the ear tube from Warren's right ear because it had already come out but was in his ear. The hole had already healed up, so things look good. He still has the one in his left ear, but the doctor said it will probably come out within the next 3mths.
Our sweet Cleo is causing drama again. We noticed a little bump on her ear last week and thought it was a bite of some kind. It started getting bigger and wasn't going away after about a week, so Roy took her in today and found out it's a cancerous tumor! She is going tomorrow to have it removed and they will look at it and decide if it needs biopsied. If it's malignant then they will likely cut out part of her ear lobe to get rid of all the cells. Worse case is it's agressive and has spread, and we'll have to do what we don't want to do. She is acting fine and is not in any pain, so that's good. Another good thing is she weighs just over 13lbs now! Compared to her 16/18lbs from last year, that's great!
I have been spending lots and lots of time on work... which I have to go do now. Will post again when baby is born!

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Rebekah said...

You look great! Isn't it the best to watch your baby with his daddy! It makes me love Flint even more to watch him with Cilla! I can't believe you are about to have another baby! Looking forward to seein gpic of baby Grant!