Sunday, May 30, 2010

14 Mths Old

While Warren seems to be slow to walk on his own, he is not slow to speak. He says the following words: boo, dog, book, Cleo, juice, vroom (I guess that officially a noise, but I'm counting it!), banana, bath, broom, mama, dada, papa, brush, boat, ball, bye, hi... There may be more, but that's all I can think of at the moment.

His favorite foods right now are pizza and bananas. He also likes ravioli and spaghetti and meatballs. He likes to eat cheese and enjoys snacking on yogurt covered raisins. He doesn't turn down cheese puffs, either! He just started on orange juice and seems to like it too. He is still very picky about drinking milk or soy and would prefer juice any day. In fact, he knows when juice or milk is in his cup - if it's milk, he often won't even take a drink, but if it's juice, then he'll drink it. I am going to try him on rice milk this week and see what he thinks of that, but I am trying to stop worrying about it all. He likes yogurt, so he can get fat, protein, and calcium from that. He really likes to feed himself, and gets rather upset if we try to feed him or help him eat.
He still makes a funny face on demand, but also furrows his brow when he's not happy or when he's unsure.

This is his concentrating face:

He loves to dance and watch VH1 videos. Right now his favorite songs/videos are "Bulletproof" by La Roux, "OMG" by Usher, and "Break Your Heart" by Taio Cruz.

He has two bottom front teeth, four top front teeth, and two top molars - which are still working their way in fully.

He has done well since his tube surgery. He is sleeping through the night and hasn't pulled at his ears in about a week now.

His favorite toys are his vacuum and his blocks in his wagon from papa. He also really likes to look at his picture book I made on Shutterfly.

He has become much more cuddly and likes to rock on our shoulder while holding onto a blanket or his dog lovey.

On Tuesday he will get his fourth haircut! Then Wednesday we are on our way home to Okla. for a couple of weeks. I can't wait to see how he responds to everyone.

You light up our life, Mr. Warren, and daddy and I love you with all our hearts.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ear Tubes

Warren got tubes in his ears today. He was such a trooper. The doctor said he didn't start crying until they starting messing with him getting the mask on and all. The surgery went to plan and he woke up quickly afterward, though he was very fussy and flailing around and could not really hold up his own head. He drank a whole juice box and ate some fruit almost immediately. The nurses said he was doing great, so we just trusted what they told us.
We stayed for about ten minutes after he woke up, and then headed home. He fussed for about 30mins more, and then he was out.
An hour and a half later when he woke up, he was good as new! He seemed to have no clue what had happened to him just a couple hours earlier. He was hungry, and had to have his morning banana.
By afternoon time, he was our normal playful little boy!
We went outside and he used his walker to go all over the back yard.
Tomorrow he goes back to daycare for the rest of this week and part of next. Then he won't be in daycare again until August. We are moving him to a new daycare in August, and I am looking forward to just being with my baby everyday this summer. Any mommies have activity ideas for us?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Toys!

I've heard people say not to give your kid everything he wants, but no one's ever told me not to get my kid everything I think he should have or want! In the past few days Warren has received several new toys, including a vacuum cleaner that actually makes noise, a laptop, a work bench with noise making tools, puzzles, a light up spinner, and a Disney Cars chair!!... Oh, and a pool!!!
We were setting up the pool to test it out, and Warren and Cleo wanted in, so we let them. They loved it! Warren just laughed at Cleo walking round and round in the pool slurping up water.

While at Toys R Us today, we saw this chair. I put it down so Warren could see it, and he got right up in it and played for about ten minutes. I kept bringing him different (cheaper!) chairs to try, but he wouldn't even acknowledge there was another chair in sight! He loved this one. It's really sturdy, so hopefully it will last many years. It took a little bit to sweet talk daddy into getting it, but eventually he looked at me and said, "If you ask it of me, I will give you the one ring"! LOL (That's a line from Lord of the Rings, for those who don't know.) I am not sure who was more excited, Warren or me!!!!

Warren got right in it once we brought it home and daddy got the feet on. He loves to just get up and down and up and down.

This toy reminds me of my daddy with all his little gadget-type toys. It has this spinner with lights and when you hold down the button, it spins and makes light patterns. Warren quickly figured out how to push the button to make it work (notice the concentration in his face), and he played with it nearly the whole time we were grocery shopping today, so I thought he should have it. He still liked it after we got home, so I guess that means he truly likes it.
Last weekend we were at some friends' house, and their son had one of these vacuum cleaners. It makes noise and has a little dust buster in the middle that comes out, and it really works! Warren loved it, so we thought he needed to have his own. Cleo doesn't like it at all (she is scared of vacuum cleaners), and Warren thinks that's funny.
So about $100 later, and I think our kiddo has enough for now... It's so fun being a parent!!!!
BTW - we go in on Monday at 7am for Warren to get tubes in his ears. Also, we gave our two weeks notice to his daycare, so he will not be in daycare over the summer but will start at Parkview in August.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Little Ham and Monkey

Warren is developing quite the personality! He is so much fun, we just laugh at him all the time. Today he kept hitting his juice cup on the floor and thinking it was super funny!
Is that a cute face or what???

Warren has also started climbing up and into whatever we will allow him. Today he decided to get into his toy bucket.
We still have this crazy piano that is in need of repair, and Warren is tall enough to play it w/o a chair... well, mostly - look at his feet!
On another note, Warren has had an ear infection every month since he was 9mths old, and the ENT decided it's time for tubes. I am so relieved and hope it helps Warren to sleep better and be more comfortable. His surgery is Monday the 24th.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Second Mother's Day

This little man is the reason I get up at 6am on the weekends and still have a smile on my face. I can't imagine my life without you, Warren.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thirteen Months Old

What is Warren doing these days?

1) Non-stop jabbering - he says new letter sounds constantly! He says "Cleo" very clearly now, and he even corrects her when she barks! He says "juice," "nana" (banana), "brush," and "bath" now, too.

2) When he is playing with our phones, he will hold it up to his hear when you tell him to say "hello."

3) He makes an "uuuuuuuuuuh" sound, like a motor, when he helps daddy grind coffee beans. He is trying to imitate the coffee grinder noise! So funny.

4) He is totally off the bottle, but not really drinking much milk. He'd rather have juice anyday. We started him on soy milk though, and he seems to really like it, so we're hopeful.

5) He can walk while pushing his wagon or convertable car walker. He usually does this with his mouth wide open and laughing proudly at himself.

6) He likes raisins, esp. if they are yogurt coated; he LOVES bananas and pretty much has one a day.

7) He loves to lie on his daddy's lap and watch VH1 videos. Heck, he loves to do anything with his daddy, which you can clearly see in this pic!

8) He throws his cup off his highchair, esp. when we are watching, and also throws his food on the floor to tell us he's done eating. Needless to say, we are working on table manners.

9) He started play-screaming, esp. in restaraunts, and even slapped my face and tried to bite me when I told him to stop screaming. Thankfully he's only done that once, but I am not so naive to think he won't try it again.

10) He likes to flip through board books, but he doesn't like being read to.

11) He blows kisses.

12) He is very much independent and stubborn. In this pic, he kept putting the bubble wand in his mouth. We would tell him not to, but then he would do it again, even though it tasted bad!13) He throws a hissy fit at the start of nearly every diaper change. We try to distract him with a toy or some other item of interest, but it's a 50/50 chance whether or not it works.

14) He LOVES to be thrown up in the air!