Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Little Ham and Monkey

Warren is developing quite the personality! He is so much fun, we just laugh at him all the time. Today he kept hitting his juice cup on the floor and thinking it was super funny!
Is that a cute face or what???

Warren has also started climbing up and into whatever we will allow him. Today he decided to get into his toy bucket.
We still have this crazy piano that is in need of repair, and Warren is tall enough to play it w/o a chair... well, mostly - look at his feet!
On another note, Warren has had an ear infection every month since he was 9mths old, and the ENT decided it's time for tubes. I am so relieved and hope it helps Warren to sleep better and be more comfortable. His surgery is Monday the 24th.


Cary said...

cute, cute!! So glad they decided to do the tubes. I know that you guys have been fighting the infections. I'll be praying for Warren, and you too!!!

Cary said...

ha!! This is Melissa...

kimnewland said...

Love all the little faces he makes! Cannot wait to see that adorable personality in person! Miss you.