Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thirteen Months Old

What is Warren doing these days?

1) Non-stop jabbering - he says new letter sounds constantly! He says "Cleo" very clearly now, and he even corrects her when she barks! He says "juice," "nana" (banana), "brush," and "bath" now, too.

2) When he is playing with our phones, he will hold it up to his hear when you tell him to say "hello."

3) He makes an "uuuuuuuuuuh" sound, like a motor, when he helps daddy grind coffee beans. He is trying to imitate the coffee grinder noise! So funny.

4) He is totally off the bottle, but not really drinking much milk. He'd rather have juice anyday. We started him on soy milk though, and he seems to really like it, so we're hopeful.

5) He can walk while pushing his wagon or convertable car walker. He usually does this with his mouth wide open and laughing proudly at himself.

6) He likes raisins, esp. if they are yogurt coated; he LOVES bananas and pretty much has one a day.

7) He loves to lie on his daddy's lap and watch VH1 videos. Heck, he loves to do anything with his daddy, which you can clearly see in this pic!

8) He throws his cup off his highchair, esp. when we are watching, and also throws his food on the floor to tell us he's done eating. Needless to say, we are working on table manners.

9) He started play-screaming, esp. in restaraunts, and even slapped my face and tried to bite me when I told him to stop screaming. Thankfully he's only done that once, but I am not so naive to think he won't try it again.

10) He likes to flip through board books, but he doesn't like being read to.

11) He blows kisses.

12) He is very much independent and stubborn. In this pic, he kept putting the bubble wand in his mouth. We would tell him not to, but then he would do it again, even though it tasted bad!13) He throws a hissy fit at the start of nearly every diaper change. We try to distract him with a toy or some other item of interest, but it's a 50/50 chance whether or not it works.

14) He LOVES to be thrown up in the air!

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Brandon and Kensie said...

He's SO cute, Deb! I LOVE it when Tyler picks up our phones and says hello! It's adorable! Gotta love little boy noises too!