Monday, January 25, 2010

The tooth, the park, and the army crawl

Here is it! Warren's first tooth!
This past weekend we took Warren and Cleo to the park. It was a bit windy, but Warren seemed to have a good time. We had never taken him to the park before.
Peeking at Daddy
And now for the grand finale... the army crawl!
Warren started crawling forward on his arms this weekend.
So many firsts! Slow down, Bubba, Mommy can't handle you growing so fast. Next thing I know you will be off to college.


Melissa said...

Yay for milestones! :) He's cute as can be, Deb!

kimnewland said...

Great pics and awesome video! John and Sarah loved it too! Sarah giggled throughout the entire video (twice, they had to see it again - and so did I) and John said "yeah, he got his toy!" Cannot wait to see you guys again! Love ya'll.

Rebekah said...

Life is about to change for ya'll... For the good, of course! Teeth and crawling definitely keeps you on your toes! Warren keeps getting more and more handsome! Glad the kiddos got to hang out together Sunday. We need to have a chaperoned date one of these days!