Saturday, January 16, 2010

9mth Pics and "Uh-oh"

Today Warren got a surprise... flowers and a balloon from Grammie to say "congratulations" for getting his first tooth! He wasn't sure what to think about the flowers (his mommy thought they were beautiful though), but he LOVED the balloon.
Everytime he would let go of the string and the balloon would float to the ceiling, I would say "uh-oh" and Warren would look up and smile. Well, to my surprise, and when I had stepped out of the room, of course, I heard Warren's balloon bounce on the ceiling and then I heard him say, "uh-ooooh"!!!!!! It was so sweet. I kept trying to get him to say it again, but he wouldn't have that.
Thanks for the fun balloon, Grammie. I have never had one before!
It had been a couple weeks since I took any pics of Warren, so I thought I would snap a few to post. He seems to almost pose these days.

Roy bought Warren a stocking cap from Baylor!
Warren is getting so big so fast. He is not yet pulling up, but he can stand up for several seconds on his own.
Everywhere we go people smile, laugh, and comment on Warren's spiky hair. It grows so fast! He gets another much needed haircut next Saturday.

My bright-eyed baby boy. How can you look at him and not smile?


Roy said...

You know I can't! :)

kimnewland said...

He has already changed so much! I am amazed that he can get cuter when I think he is already the cutest. Enjoy all of the those "firsts" (teeth, words, movements) they'll never be the same with the second one (special, yes - but not like with your first). Love ya'll!