Monday, January 18, 2010

The Best Weekend Ever!

Maybe I just desperately needed a break, but this 3-day weekend was wonderful! On Saturday Warren and I spent the day together cleaning and playing and visiting a friend. I also let Warren get super messy! I decided to give him some chocolate pudding and let him feed himself. It was great!
He kept putting his hand in the pudding and then squeezing his hand open and closed. He ate very little, but he wore a lot! It was too fun.
Today, Roy and Warren and I headed south to Round Rock to have a 2lb donut! We saw Round Rock Bakery on Man vs. Food, and decided since it's only an hour or so away, we should go. This donut was crazy big! It tasted great, too - very light and fluffy.

After eating donuts, we headed to the outlet mall. I got three pairs of shoes, Roy got a hoodie, and Warren got some shoes. We also took our picture in a photo booth! It was so fun to just spend time together as a family of three. Then we went up to Temple and went to Target and Warren got more stuff! It is so much fun buying for our son! After Target we headed to BJ's and ate some pizza, then back to Waco to Toys R Us to get... yes, to get Warren another toy!!!! We got him this cool Leap Frog vehicle magnet toy. He's already figuring it out and is proud of himself for it.
I adore my husband and love that I get to spend the rest of my life with him, but I don't know that I have ever felt so satisfied and fulfilled as I do now that we have Warren. Parenthood is amazing.


Roy said...

You mean, "The Best Weekend So Far"! There's many more to come, and I look forward to them getting better and better!

kimnewland said...

We love to buy things for our kids too! Maybe it is because we always want our kids to have more and better than we did? i don't know about that (we weren't that deprived) but it is great fun to give them what they don't need!

Rebekah said...

How fun is that doughnut!?!? We have to check that out! Sounds like a really fun weekend!