Saturday, October 31, 2009

Warren Is 7mths Old Today!

Somebody pinch me because I must be dreaming... how can seven months have gone by so quickly????

Warren is just growing and changing and making us laugh and smile everyday. He is getting ready to move up to the next class at daycare, and they have been working with him to get him to hold his own bottle. While he can do it, he doesn't really like to; he would much rather rub or scratch his head with his hands, but he is getting better. He is still rolling all over the place, and now he can use his hands and arms to help him get where he wants to go. He has yet to say "dada" or "mama," but he still says "bubu" and today he made a definite "gu" sound. His favorite thing to do is jump! He also loves to sing and be sung to, and he really likes our computers and cell phones. He loves Cleo and follows her with his eyes everywhere she goes. He pets her and she kisses his hands... umm, she also licks his spit up, but we're working on that! He giggles at her when she sneezes or begs or sometimes when she just looks at him. He is still a great sleeper - goes to bed about 7pm and wakes up around 6 or 7am. This week he has had a runny nose, cough, and has lost much of his desire for a bottle. I am not sure if he has allergies, a cold, an ear infection, or is teething, but he is not 100%, that's for sure. He still loves to eat anything on a spoon, so at least I know he's not going hungry. We didn't do anything for Halloween, which apparantly makes us horrible parents, but we are just too practical - Warren has no clue, so why spend the money on an outfit that we will only use once to take a picture of him in?!!! Next year, I promise.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Random Pics from My Phone

Yes, I have a digital camera, but I find myself more often taking pics using my cell. They are usually horrible, making my nose look of mammoth proportions, but mostly I take them to send to my mom and sister, and they love me no matter what! I decided to post some of these random pics because I don't want to forget the little things. Many are of Warren and me. I never want to forget what a great boy he is, how quickly he is growing, and how amazing each moment is with him. I also don't want to forget how Roy and I feel differently now that we're parents. Roy just mentioned tonight how it's hard to imagine we thought our lives were complete before we had Warren. We just can't imagine ourselves without him. I think it's safe to say we worship him - just don't let Warren know that!
I could do this all day

Getting kisses!

A Sunday morning before church.
Waiting in Dr. Guerra's office.
We seem to have spent lots of time there in the last couple months. Mommy shared her sugar-free chocolate mousse with me!
Tonight we took pics to send to Grammie and Aunt Kim. We really miss them.
Pics from the zoo

My new shirt!
I love taking pics of Warren while he sleeps on me.
Umm, yes - mammoth nose pic! But I love the shadow of Warren's dimple, so it's worth the emabarrassment.
Gramps gave me a swing!
Reading my favorite crunchy book from Aunt Kim.
I can drink from a sippy cup - somewhat.
This was a couple months ago, but I love it - all my babies together.
One of the many silly faces of Warren Van.
I am mesmerized by the camera/phone. I really like to chew on it.

Back on July 22 - so little.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Warren's First Trip to the Zoo

Today was beautiful! We decided to enjoy the nice weather and take Warren to the Cameron Park Zoo. It was great to hang out as a family and just be together.

Before we left I had to take some pics of Warren in his little man clothes. I know we're biased, but we think he's just the cutest baby! He can sit up by himself and rolls all over the place!

Warren recently had his first taste of a teething cookie and decided he liked it.

I love his chubby pink cheeks in this pic.

Cleo is doing great with Warren now. She still doesn't want to hang out with him, but she does love on him and let him pet her. She gives him "kisses" and he just grins at her. Sometimes he even giggles at her. On this particular day, Roy was holding Warren on his lap, and I came into the room and saw Cleo all pouty faced and curled up in her bed.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

6mth Checkup

Warren had his checkup and 5 shots today (poor guy). He now weighs 18lbs 12oz (70th %) and is 26.5" long (50th %). His head is 16" in circumference (whatever that is supposed to tell us!) He is doing everything that he is supposed to do at 6mths - rolling all over the place, talking, jumping, holding his bottle (only when he wants to), switching toys from one hand to the other, putting his feet in his mouth, responding to noises, etc. It's always reassuring to know your kid is on track mentally and physically.
I got this new Sassy mesh teething gadget today. You put fresh fruit or veggies in it and a baby chews on it, getting little bits of the food, without choking. I put a cold chunk of fresh pineapple in it, and Warren just loved it! He chewed and sucked on that thing till there was no more juice left (okay, that sounded dirty, but you know what I mean!) He still has no teeth showing, and doesn't seem to be slobbering quite as much, so now we are not sure if he was/is teething! Roy says he isn't going to say Warren's teething until he sees that white tooth! Good plan, Honey.
Warren has not only started being a rolly-polly, but he now shakes his head no, esp. when we are changing his diaper. This morning I got him to do it on demand; it was great. He also sticks his tongue out really far on demand. He drinks very well out of a sippy cup, and wants to eat every time we are eating. He loves eating with a spoon, and he is so great at it, too.
Tonight he started saying, "ba, ba, ba, ba..." which is so close to "da, da" it makes me sick! I say "ma, ma" to him every chance I get, and what does he do but go and try to say "da, da" first!!!!! This kid is out to annoy me, just like his father. LOL

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Flair Arts and Crafts Market

Yesterday my friend Taryn and I tried our hand at the craft show thing. It was in the quaint backyard of a local coffee shop, Common Grounds, which is right off Baylor campus. We made some money but had to pack up and leave after only about two and a half hours because of rain. It was a great experience, and we both learned a lot. After the show, we had lunch and then unloaded everything and exchanged jewelry. I have five new pieces to wear now! Taryn has just recently started up her jewelry business, and her pieces are awesome.

In the above pic, my main pieces are the wooden necklace sets to the left. Taryn's are on the far left of the pic and on the white display on the right side of the table. We have plenty left over since we had to leave early, so if you want to start Christmas shopping, let us know!!!!! Taryn's site is Mine is still a work in progress, but it's