Tuesday, October 6, 2009

6mth Checkup

Warren had his checkup and 5 shots today (poor guy). He now weighs 18lbs 12oz (70th %) and is 26.5" long (50th %). His head is 16" in circumference (whatever that is supposed to tell us!) He is doing everything that he is supposed to do at 6mths - rolling all over the place, talking, jumping, holding his bottle (only when he wants to), switching toys from one hand to the other, putting his feet in his mouth, responding to noises, etc. It's always reassuring to know your kid is on track mentally and physically.
I got this new Sassy mesh teething gadget today. You put fresh fruit or veggies in it and a baby chews on it, getting little bits of the food, without choking. I put a cold chunk of fresh pineapple in it, and Warren just loved it! He chewed and sucked on that thing till there was no more juice left (okay, that sounded dirty, but you know what I mean!) He still has no teeth showing, and doesn't seem to be slobbering quite as much, so now we are not sure if he was/is teething! Roy says he isn't going to say Warren's teething until he sees that white tooth! Good plan, Honey.
Warren has not only started being a rolly-polly, but he now shakes his head no, esp. when we are changing his diaper. This morning I got him to do it on demand; it was great. He also sticks his tongue out really far on demand. He drinks very well out of a sippy cup, and wants to eat every time we are eating. He loves eating with a spoon, and he is so great at it, too.
Tonight he started saying, "ba, ba, ba, ba..." which is so close to "da, da" it makes me sick! I say "ma, ma" to him every chance I get, and what does he do but go and try to say "da, da" first!!!!! This kid is out to annoy me, just like his father. LOL


Brandon and Kensie said...

Tyler LOVED that meshy thing...but it's nasty to clean, huh? Can't believe he's 6 months old! It goes by SOOO fast....little man will be ONE in less than a month!

Harris Family said...

How cute is he?!?!? He is about to catch up to Cilla! She is right at 19 lbs! Time is going way too fast! But, I love her more every day and she just keeps getting more and more fun!

the rushes of OKC said...

wow, 6 months already,how time flies. such a cutie.

Melissa said...

Such a cutie!!! :) Wish I could love on him in person, Deb! Miss you guys!

kimnewland said...

Miss you all so very much! Cannot believe how he is growing up so fast; love every moment while you can (it goes by before you know it)