Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Flair Arts and Crafts Market

Yesterday my friend Taryn and I tried our hand at the craft show thing. It was in the quaint backyard of a local coffee shop, Common Grounds, which is right off Baylor campus. We made some money but had to pack up and leave after only about two and a half hours because of rain. It was a great experience, and we both learned a lot. After the show, we had lunch and then unloaded everything and exchanged jewelry. I have five new pieces to wear now! Taryn has just recently started up her jewelry business, and her pieces are awesome.

In the above pic, my main pieces are the wooden necklace sets to the left. Taryn's are on the far left of the pic and on the white display on the right side of the table. We have plenty left over since we had to leave early, so if you want to start Christmas shopping, let us know!!!!! Taryn's site is Mine is still a work in progress, but it's

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Anonymous said...

Looks cute! I love craft fairs! I decorate my house full of primitive and americana decore.