Friday, June 26, 2009

"What kind of child did we spawn?"

Yesterday we took our first trip with Warren to the movie theatre. We just had to see the new Transformers movie, so we thought now's as good a time as any to see what our little boy will do in a theatre.
We got in about 3pm, and Warren was sleeping in his carrier. He stayed asleep about 30mins, which was surprising because of how loud the movie was. When he woke up, I pulled him out of his carrier and immediately his eyes were glued to the movie screen. I tried to feed him his 4oz bottle, but he was so mesmerized, he would only eat 2oz. Then he refused to lie down, sit back, lean back, or any other form of tilting. Oh no! He had to be standing straight up looking directly at the movie screen with his little arms just moving! It was so funny!
After about 40mins, my arms were tired of holding him up, so I passed him off to Roy, who was super smart and sat Warren so his legs were straddeling Roy's knee (why didn't I think of that?!) I guess that made Warren feel like he was still standing. Anyway, for the next 20 or 30 mins, Warren sat straight up, glued to the movie screen. He even started cooing at the screen! Roy turned to me and as we were both just laughing, amazed at this kid of ours, he asked me, "What kind of child did we spawn?"
So after watching about an hour or so of the movie, Warren decided he would eat the rest of his bottle and take a nap on me until the movie ended. Wow! Here we were all prepared for a crying baby that we would have to take out in the hall, but we ended up laughing at how much he loved the movie and rarely took his eyes off of it. Should be no surprise - he is just like his daddy!


Melissa said...

That's hilarious! Glad you got to enjoy your movie! :)

Harris Family said...

Oh my gosh...SO FUNNY! The chair is a "bumbo" and it is a "must have". You can get them at Target or Walmart. We love it and lots of people use them as high chairs. C sits in in the kitcken all the time and sits in it on the table while we are eating.

kimnewland said...

You guys crack me up! Glad you were able to save some $$ on babysitting while he is still young and doesn't understand content (we cannot do that anymore). So how was the actual movie anyway? LOL