Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ten Weeks Old: "Talking," Funny Faces, and Gagging

Last week, Warren starting "talking"! He does it more and more now, esp. in the morning and in the late evening. We coo at him, and he will coo back - love that! I got it on video today, though he started getting fussy at the end - performance anxiety. LOL

Warren has made silly faces (just like his daddy) since he was born. I got some more of these on camera today:This one cracks me up - is he trying to give me the finger for taking all these pics? LOL

Warren just has the sweetest face! This one is not a funny-face pic, but I have to include it just to show him off!

Another thing Warren started last week is chewing on his fingers/hands. He is definitely slobbering more, too, so I guess teething will happen in the next month or so. He will put his fingers so far into his mouth that he gags himself - that just started today! Oh, and so did his fake cough. :) Warren, it is so wonderful being your mommy. I love to watch you learn and grow every day, and I am so mesmerized by you that I hardly get anything else done. I wouldn't miss you growing up for the world. Your daddy and I adore you; you make us laugh and smile everyday. We are so glad you are ours.


kimnewland said...

Love it :-) Cannot wait until Sunday; love you all!

Brandon and Kensie said...

Hey, Debbie! Congrats on your little guy!! He's so cute! Being a mommy is awesome!

The Pereira Family said...

What a little character. He is toooo cute. I wish they would stay little forever. Time is passing way too fast.