Friday, June 5, 2009

Photo Fun

I love these pics of Roy with Warren; it is so obvious they are related! I wish I had a pic program that would allow me to combine the two pics - the first one is better of Roy but the second better of Warren.

I have been wanting a black and white pic of Warren's feet. I played around today and got a couple. Can this little guy get any cuter? Seriously, how did we make such a cute baby?!!!! This hat is still way too big, but I couldn't pass up the chance. Warren got five shots this week. He cried when they poked him, but he stopped quickly after. Such a tough guy. He is 12.2lbs and is sleeping through the night still. We feel so lucky to have an easy baby - it's enough to make us second guess having a second child just in case the Garton luck decides to kick in!


Laurie said...

Something I wish I'd seen in time to do for my kids' photo feet pics with mom and dad's wedding rings dangling from the big toes. :D

kimnewland said...

These pics make me want to kiss on him all the more! See you in a week :-) Love you all!

Melissa said...

He is such a cutie!! Love the pics of he and Roy, and the foot pic is super cute! Wish I was coming in a week. ;) Love you guys!