Friday, August 1, 2008

End of Summer

I called my doctor and he said I can take GasX, so I took some and now I am feeling great!!!! I got my first great night of sleep last night, and I haven't felt nauseus or bloated all day. Yippee!
Today was my final day of teaching summer school. We had a water balloon fight with the kids; it was great. The kids were so cute, too; they kept saying, "Mrs. Garton, you can't play because you're pregnant; you might get hit in the belly." I told them I think it will be fine, but it was sure sweet that they were taking care of me.
The school year starts next week on the 6th for me, so I am going to try and make the most of my last few days off. I started last night by shopping! I was able to find a rug, some hand towels, toothbrush/paste holder, and towel holders! So exciting! I got the towels at Target, and I think I am going to buy all my towels from them. They are really thick and affordable, and they have lots of colors and styles to choose from.
I think I will take a nap now...

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kimnewland said...

Are all those for the two bathrooms? I was hoping you had finally found some accessories for them. And what is all this "girl" talk - you may have a boy you know - unless you know something I don't?!?!