Friday, August 22, 2008

A Bra Popping Experience

Well, perhaps my breasts have now gotten the memo that they are supposed to be getting bigger! Tonight, while sitting and checking email, I hear a "pop" - my bra totally snapped open and broke!!!! Yippee!!!! Roy laughed at me because I was actually proud of the event, and he teased me saying I would be emailing or blogging about it. Of course I would! When you have been small chested like me, you take any opportunity you can to show off any growth! Yippee!!! I am bummed that the bra actually broke, but hey, another reason to shop!

I have felt really great all week. Haven't even felt pregnant, really, except that I noticed being out of breath while teaching. Also, I keep putting my hand on my belly (esp. when I feel bloated!) and "rubbing" the baby. It's weird actually, how instinctual that seems. One of my students asked to feel my belly this week, and that was cute but weird. I guess because the belly I have is really all my own personal fat and not much baby! LOL I can tell a difference in my stomach/waist, but I can't quite put my finger on the exact change. I have gained 3lbs - from eating more often, I guess. Since Sunday I haven't felt sick at all, except I felt nauseous for a few minutes last night, but I ate some yogurt (Sponge Bob Gogurt, actually), and felt fine. I feel pretty lucky at this point. I am 8 weeks on Sunday!
What's Happenin?
The wiggles have started! By 7 weeks the little mite starts to twist and then to startle at loud noises or quick movements. At this time we see graceful, ballet-like movements of the head, trunk, arms, and legs. Hiccups begin, and some breathing movements start. If touched, your fetus would now respond. Touch is one of the first senses to appear and will remain strong and important.


Melissa said...

Yay for growth! LOL!! You crack me up! :)

kimnewland said...

I can just picture it now - you sitting on the couch and Roy in his "office" and the event that follows with the "pop" and all - ROFL sounds hilarious to me!