Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Countdown

Twenty-two days until I go off my birth control!!!! Roy told me not to "do the countdown thing" because it's too much pressure on him, so I just have to blog my excitement! So many great things are happening this year, specifically in the area of finances. I won't go into details, but just know that most of my worries about financial issues related to having a baby have been dissolved, and I am beginning to believe that God is in the timing of our planning a baby. God? Yup, go figure! LOL One great thing is that my health insurance at work is changing, and it will only cost us $750 to have a baby, assuming there are no complications, which includes all the doctor visits and everything! Hey, maybe we should have two!!!!

We are in the process of getting bids for remodeling our bathrooms. The one today was $3,500 for both. That is about 1k more than what we want to spend; we have a couple more estimates to get, so we'll see what happens. We wish our friend Cary was here to help us do-it-ourselves.

Roy has one week left of school/work, and my last day is the 30th. I can't believe this year is gone already...


Melissa said...

I can't believe this year is gone already either! I keep asking myself if it's really possible we are only 4 months from adding another boy to this household and that Caden is 1 and Carson almost 3! Where has the time gone??? Ours at least has gone from major event to major event, and there seems to be little time for reflection in between it seems.

I'm SO excited for your countdown!! That's like 3 weeks!!! Wah-hoo! Cary and Roy are so much alike about feeling the pressure. Cary doesn't want to talk about major life changes in advance because I think he panics on the inside, but when change is upon us - like it is so often lately - he handles things SO well! Better than I do sometimes! :) God truly does know our needs and works everything out in perfect timing, doesn't he!? I wish we were near too! Cary would definitely help. Our bathroom remodel is next on our list, but we may wait a bit to save some money. We JUST finished our basement this last weekend. We have a few more things to touch up, but it's mostly done aside from the bathroom. YAY!!!! You'll get to see when you visit. Now we just have to go shop for a sofa! :)

I miss you and am so glad you are coming to see me soon......can you tell???? :)

Mom @ work said...

Now only 19 days to start getting me a grandbaby! YEAH!!!!
Men, what can we say.....they are all alike, yet all different........but seems none of them like change!
The year has gone fast, and although I don't get the summer off, things slow down a bit for 4-6 weeks starting the middle of June.
Can't wait to see you and get the new family pictures taken!