Sunday, April 27, 2008


Yes, you read the subject line correctly - we have maggots!!!! This morning we got up and went downstairs as usual. While we were in the kitchen, Cleo went into the laundry room, and I noticed she licked something up - I thought it was a crumb - but then she walked into the kitchen and spit it out, and it started moving!!! I looked at it and thought it was very strange to have a cream colored mini worm in the house. But then I stepped into the Maggot Hall of Fame - the laundry room!!! In there I found about 15-20 live maggots inching around on the floor. (I still thought they were mini worms until Roy clued me in!) We started picking them up one by one. We checked cracks and crevices, but could not find where they were coming from. I have found about 5 more since the initial clean up, and now I am just grossed out. I called our pest control guy, and he said it's likely a rodent has died under the house or between the walls, and the maggots are eating it. He is going to come by tomorrow and try to figure it out. We've also killed a few spiders in the livingroom in the last few days, so he needed to come anyway. Gross!!!!!!

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Melissa said...

Oh GROSS, Deb! I'm so sorry for you guys!!! Ick.