Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Tomorrow is Roy's last day at his job, then on Thursday we leave for our cruise! I am sooo excited, but of course I am obsessing about planning and all. Roy actually told me the reason he didn't make his last day of work today was because he wanted to be away from me the day before the trip because he knew I would be obsessing! I guess after ten year he knows me well, though I am trying not to obsess too much -- out loud, at least. I was able to find a really cute swim suit today that looks really cute on me, and with my small top and big bottom that's not an easy task. I can't wait to wear it on the beach. After the cruise, we will be home for a day and then head to Ponca City for a week. Then on the 5th of July, Roy starts his PhD program at Baylor. He still doesn't know what job he has yet at the school, but it won't be more than 15hrs a week, so that will be quite a change. We won't know what to do with all that together time. Cleo and I are used to hanging out in the living room while Roy is in his office studying. By the way, the other day I was taking pics of Cleo to put on my new pink cell phone (so cute and girlie!), and after I had taken about four, she moaned and put her paw over her face and started whining! She was tired of having her picture taken, I guess. It was too funny! So much personality, so little dog.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yum, Yum, Ribs!

I have been quite the Lazy Daisy these days. Last week I slept in each day until about 8a or so, then ate breakfast, and then watched lots of HGTV while Cleo slept on my lap ... and I must admit, I slept off and on, too. I did manage to get the baseboards painted in the kitchen, and started on the trim, but I burned out quickly. I told Roy that I guess I can no longer write on my resume that I have "follow through" because when it comes to painting trim, I just don't.

Today Roy and I have been lazy together, which is nice. I did grill ribs, and they were so beautiful, I had to take these pics for my blog.

So now we've eaten, I've done some laundry and dishes, and we have been watching hours of HGTV, and now are watching Dirty Jobs. Cable is soooo not good for us!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Pics from Mom's Visit

Below are some pics my mom sent from her visit with us.
Seriously, how many pictures can you take of me?

Whenever I bring home groceries or anything in a bag, Cleo thinks she has to snoop around to try and find a "present" for herself.

Three generations of cuties!

I love my momma; she thinks I am human! Boy do I have her wrapped around my finger ... I mean, paw.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

News is News

I just read my friend Melissa's blog, and she was telling all about her boys and potty training, and I realized the most exciting things I ever have to post are about my garden and my dog! Well, news is news...
I spent several hours this week digging out the dirt from inside this garden box (that's what I call it; not sure what the actual name is - and I call myself a gardener!), then putting in new soil, a plastic sheeting to keep out weeds (don't know what that's officially called either - geez), and then transplanting monkey grass, planting begonias, and putting mulch on top. Whew! It was hard work. When Roy saw the finished product he mentioned how it was sparsely planted, but hey, I didn't want to spend a fortune on flowers. (Oh, and yes. The mulch IS two different colors - didn't want to spend a fortune on that either, so I just used leftovers.)
This hibiscus tree was given to me by my friend Staci for my 30th birthday. The flowers are so pretty!
Interesting things are growing beneath my rose bush. I believe they're pumpkins! I used compost from school when I planted my rose bush, and a pumpkin had been put into the compost heap earlier in the year ... apparently I got some pumpkin seeds with my compost because this vine is growing and blooming and spreading. I am just going to let it go and see what it does.
Now see, don't I have an interesting life? LOL

Monday, June 4, 2007

Grandma's Here!

Last Friday my mom came and visited us. I was glad not only to spend time with her, but to have her with me while Roy had his endoscopy. (The doctor said everything looked okay; we have to call Friday for the official results.) Mom and I spent lots of time shopping (five hours in one day!). It was loads of fun. I had to take her back to the airport today. You're welcome anytime, Mom. :)
Cleo adored mom! Each morning Cleo would go into mom's room, look up on the bed, and start crying to wake her up. It was too cute.
Cleo and mom played a lot!
Today, mom and I ate at the Elite Grill before leaving for the airport. They have the coolest chicken cashew salad - it's in a pineapple! I got the waitress to take our pic. Don't I look just like my mom?
Here's the salad. Nice manicure, mom! (Wonder who did that for you? LOL)
Now that school is out, I hope to finish my kitchen (no, it's not done yet!), clean my house, visit with friends, play with my puppy, exercise and lose weight, and take naps! What a plan.