Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yum, Yum, Ribs!

I have been quite the Lazy Daisy these days. Last week I slept in each day until about 8a or so, then ate breakfast, and then watched lots of HGTV while Cleo slept on my lap ... and I must admit, I slept off and on, too. I did manage to get the baseboards painted in the kitchen, and started on the trim, but I burned out quickly. I told Roy that I guess I can no longer write on my resume that I have "follow through" because when it comes to painting trim, I just don't.

Today Roy and I have been lazy together, which is nice. I did grill ribs, and they were so beautiful, I had to take these pics for my blog.

So now we've eaten, I've done some laundry and dishes, and we have been watching hours of HGTV, and now are watching Dirty Jobs. Cable is soooo not good for us!

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Melissa said...

Cable tends to do us in too ;)

Your ribs do look gorgeous, by the way! And I have to say that your try at laziness is a little sad. Come on, Debbie! You could at least try to stay in bed until 10 or so. :) Oh what I would give to stay in bed until 10! (Just because I'm up doesn't mean I'm accomplishing much though! :))

OH!! We planted our front garden! :) I'll be posting pictures today sometime. Yippee!!